CalMac awarded Spaceport Contract

CalMac are delighted to been awarded the contract for the UK’s first spaceport in Sutherland.

“Have a look at some of our prototypes” beamed a visibly excited Calmac spokesperson. “This here is the worlds first satellite to serve Macaroni in a 1970’s style canteen.”

“This high tech wonder here is the MV Coruisk with a bazooka strapped to it’s arse.”

“And this…our pride and joy is a man from Lochmaddy covered in tinfoil to look like a spacestronaut.”

“We took a bold step in taking over the Oban to Kerrera ferry. The Sutherland – Clouds – Space triangle route was the logical next step for us.

Many have cast doubts on Calmac’s ability to send rockets into orbit given the difficulties they have had getting cars to Uist:

“Should be easy enough” said one Calmac spokesperson.”

“It’s not exactly brain surgery it’s just..rocket scie…shit.”