Brit Awards go ahead without any tenuous Peat & Diesel jokes on Teuchter facebook

Music journos far and wide were astounded by the lack of random Teuchters making tenuous references to Leodhasach accordion punk rock legends Peat and Diesel during last night’s Brit Music Awards.

Garage and Trap Music correspondent for the NME (North Mull Express) Conrad McMullen said “As an industry they were shocked there were no comments along the lines Catriona Ann from Beauly posting “Awww, should have been Uilly for best British Male” or Gary McNulty from Dumbarton saying “Love the P&D you guyse should have won all the awards” or some fella just called Shug saying “If you’d seen Justine Bieber would you have said Salt n Pepper.” Not even a Heb Memes scattershot cove post with a random Boydie lyric spunked across it!”

When asked if he thought this meant the Peatlemania bubble had burst, Conrad said “No, it’s probably because nobody has cared about the Brits for 25 years, since you had Jarvis Cocker attacking Wacko Jacko and Geri Halliwell popped on the Butcher’s Apron.”

“I’m all for more P&D at awards show, don’t think the Trads have ever recovered. Bring on the third album Coves.”