Box of Corn flakes ‘from the 1820’s’ Found on Shelf of Lewis post office


Box of Corn flakes ‘from the 1820’s’ found on shelf of small Lewis post office

An investigation into how well supplied rural shops are has ended in obviously faked surprise.

Molly MacLeod of Molly’s Grocery and Dirty Magazine Community Shop, discovered that most of her products were between 30 and 250 years out of date.  ‘I opened this box of corn flakes and all I found was dust! Can that even happen?!’

The news has also sparked complaints from some islanders as to how old their firewood is, before being told that it was 12,000 year old peat.

Meanwhile, CalMac have been accused of trying to sell coffee that is so old, it no longer exists. One passanger, Dorothy Said said, ‘you ask for some tea, and you get a jar full of petrol and seaweed.’ CalMac refused to comment on their service beyond saying, ’it’s actually tastier than it sounds.’