Bitter old man delighted other old man getting flack instead of him over bowling club funds

Gairloch man and former bowls champion Iain (81) is delighted that his drinking buddy Alex (87) is getting the blame for some shit Iain himself has been stirring down at the local bowls club where he once was a long term member and president.

The Gael asked Iain why he was willing to go to such lengths and he replied, “I was really angry that they decided to buy a new indoor bowls mat for Laide Village Hall instead of for Poolewe Hall, so I quit, took a silver platter off them, then joined the local sports council and have spent the last wee while getting my way up to being president of that so I can just fuck their shit up. They’re raging as well lol.”

However, Iain has made sure that he isn’t the one baring the brunt of his former clubmates’ anger “Best thing is though my pal Alex is the secretary of the club so he’s the one telling those bastards that we’re not going to pass on the SportScotland funding that they were given.”

“Alex doesn’t mess around either, and he’s happily brought up a few grudges I have from the Aultbea Bowls Grand Prix in 1974 which didn’t have a mixed doubles competition when telling them that they are going to get bugger-all. He’s a mug, but he’s my mug.”

Asked if it was really worth all the bitterness and rancour just to score some points in a one-sided vendetta. “I thrive on this shit and Alex doing the heavy lifting means I get to spend more time on the golf course and helping an old wifie I know called Maggie with how to surf the web and compose emails. My carer Donna is giving me a nice spongebath later as well.”