Blone who claims Saw Doctors are her favourite band only knows one song

Stornoway “blone” and taste-maker Anna-Iona MacRitchie has categorically gone on record that her up-and-coming band to look for in 2018 will be the Saw Doctors.

Galway rockers Saw Doctors have been around since 1986, but their song Share the Darkness is a regular on Anna-Iona’s annual hit list which also includes the Killersh (sic),  the three hit singles from David Gray’s Babylon album, Bodega’s version of Wagon Wheel, that tune the Vatersay Boys finish gigs with and the Grease Mega-mix.

“I can’t understand why the HebCelt doesn’t have them every year. They really are the best, I love them, they are absolutely my favourite band of all time. I love ‘Share the Darkness’. It’s so beautiful.” she squealed over a double vodka and orange in the Lewis Bar.

“If a cover band don’t know it, I’ll make sure I ask them for it as a request just as they are packing up their gear at the end of the night. In fact, stop what you are doing, I’m going to put it on my phone, let’s add this to my instagram story. WAAAAAYYYYYY”

Due to lazy journalism, your correspondent tried to complete his “Top Five Saw Doctors tunes to get pissed to when in Stornoway” article whilst sitting in the pub by pushing Ms MacRitchie for more info, however she categorically could not name another tune by the Irish folk-rock giants. “What about ‘I Useta Lover’? You must at least know that one” we asked in vain.

“I really just like what they play on Isles FM.” She finally admitted, before bursting into tears, running into the Narrows and grabbing a Pronto Pizza from the hands of a hungry Siarach.