An Lanntair to be a bit underwhelming seven days a week



The whimsical-blogosphere of the Greater Stornoway metropolitan area is aflutter with the news local over-priced coffee and art installation An Lanntair is going to open on Sundays.

Nancy Buchanan, Gress based handbag maker and writer of the “Handfuls of Sand In My Pocket” blog, in which her musings on life in the HS1 area gain four or five likes from other “peatbloggers” has turned her attention to the fact that the big empty room with a couple of pots and some lines of doggerel poetry about mackerel attached to a frieze made of beachcombing will be open all week to show the latest releases on DVD.

Nancy has come down on the side of the angels, or at least those angels which are Presbyterian; “After 800 or so words of pained wittering, I’m going to say I’m against it. Not out of anything nearing conviction, it just really hits me in the feels. I mean our quirky little island has its traditions and this Sabbath doesn’t feel hygge. This isn’t like popping into the Royal or taking the dogs for a walk at Tolsta, its, like totally, really bad. I’ll just have to wait until the Baltic opens on Monday to get the same books slightly cheaper.”

The LDOS were surprisingly philosophical about it all. A spokesman said, “Huh, look what don’t you guys get, it’s literally written in stone. We’re the Elect so we’re fine, but seriously, you’re setting yourself on the Highway to Hell for An Lanntair? At least Enge’s does good coffee.”

An Lanntair said “We’re running a special showing of Star Wars for the Jedi minority in North Lochs in the name of inclusivity. We’d like to reassure the coories that we will remain just as slighty shit the other six days of the week.”