Write your own Peat & Diesel song

A little known fact is that Peat & Diesel are the names of the other two guys who aren’t Boydie.

Stornowegian Rock and Rollers Peat & Diesel have taken the West Coast World by storm with their high energy Vatersay Boys crossed with Speed Metal vibe. However, scientists at the BASF (Pharma) labs in Lewis have discovered whilst doing some science shit with seaweed the chemical process behind making a hit teuchter punk hit. Whether it’ll be enough to knock Boydie and the lads off the top of the post-pub drinking session charts remains to be seen, but have a go and see if you can become a rock hero.

Choose one from each category below and combine each choice to make a guaranteed Peat & Diesel style West Coast Festival smash that will get a drunk Deasach dancing and even your FP aunt tapping her foot for the six days a week she is allowed to:

Infamous Celebrity

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  1. Dòmhnall Iain Againne
  2. Ariana Grande
  3. Bill Murray
  4. Cathy Bhàn
  5. Angus Brendan

Stereotypical Hebrides Foodstuff

Image result for black pudding stornoway
  1. Màrag Dhubh
  2. Ceann Cropaig
  3. Guga
  4. Buntàt’ is Sgadan
  5. Harris Gin

Snippet from Cèilidh tubthumper

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  1. Chan eil mo leannan ann an seo
  2. Hai O Hairum, chunna mise an raoir thu
  3. ’S ann an Ìle, Ìle, Ìle, ’s ann an Ìle rugadh mi
  4. dìreadh nan crann an South Georgia
  5. Ò, ò, mo leannan, ò mo leannan bhòidheach

Gaelic Swears and Exclamations

  1. Mhic an Diabhail!
  2. Taigh na Galla!
  3. O Mo Chreach ’s a Handbag
  4. Oinseach Creutair!
  5. Daingeadaidh! Daingeadaidh!

Old School Rock Riff

Image result for give it away red hot chili peppers
  1. Tìr an Airm –Runrig
  2. Paranoid – Black Sabbath
  3. Boys are Back in Town – Thin Lizzy
  4. Tony’s Theme – Pixies
  5. Give It Away – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Sin agad e! Enjoy the adulation at EDF!