Women just as good as men at football, just as shite at refereeing

The ongoing Football World Cup 2019 in France has been a much praised platform for the skill and athleticism of women’s football across the globe.

Most pundits have been realistic that the women’s game is still developing and that whilst it has some way to go to reach the level of the men’s game, the skill levels are fantastic, the passion is plain to see, and that it gives young girls a whole heap of sporting rolemodels to look up to that aren’t plummy rowers and equestrian Team GB types.

But what is also painfully obvious is that women are just as shite at refereeing than men! We mean for flick sake, what was the Korean person doing? Did she have a Love Island Aftersun to watch? Will she recall Elma and Joe because technically their feet left the line? Having stopped the game for a fair 7-8 minutes for VAR she decides to stop the game on the regulation injury time. Not to mention there should have been at least two Argentinians sent off. Willie Collum, you’d look like the greatest ref in the World in comparison.

To be honest, Scotland should have had that game buried long before by punting the ball out as much as possible, but in the absence of trying to find a gif of Renton shouting “It’s shite being Scottish”, we have to just hope the inventor of VAR has all his shares in a company that made Rory Stewart for PM t-shirts.

But bloody hell blones, you did us proud. You’ll be back.