Western Isles Council interested in buying Boris’ cardboard buses

Corylnanayleensheer have had their interest piqued by future Glorious Leader of the Eternal United Kingdom of England and North-West Brits Boris Johnson’s revelation that he makes painted models of buses out of wine boxes.

With Jeremy Hunt sitting looking on like an obviously evil Tory but at least with a semblance of continence in a suit and tie, Big Pfeffel himself said on TalkRadio when asked what he did to relax, and unable to say the obvious “Have a ride or look at porn on my girlfriend’s laptop”, he told a bizarre anecdote about painting winebox buses with paintings of happy passengers.

The Corly were on the dog and bone in an instant. “Bha sinn dìreach h-amazed! We’ve been looking at running one bus a month to any place past the cattlegrids to save some cash for Bernie’s madcap schemes, and then this falls into our lap. We’ll buy the lot and can run hourly services to Airidhbhruach no bother cove!”

“We’re also looking at buying his water cannon to help break up fights at the Niccy.”