West Highland Free Press to mark Kinlochshiel’s Premiership win with special commemorative edition marking Skye’s 1990 Camanachd Cup win

As the small West Coast communities which make up the newly crowned shinty champions of Scotland, Kinlochshiel, started their celebrations in earnest tonight, preparations are underway at Broadford’s West Highland Free Press to mark the Kirkton club’s first and historic Premiership crown.

“It’s a great achievement no doubt,” said a spokesman for the paper, “in fact it’s the biggest thing for shinty in the area since Skye won the Camanachd Cup in 1990, so we thought we’d better remind everyone of that.”

“We’ll give Shiel their due, we’ll stick a couple of mentions of somebody called MacRae and few random Frasers into a report on page 23 and it’ll keep them happy.”

“Anyway, everyone knows that in shinty winning the cup is what really matters, as coming out top after 18 games is never a sign of who the best team is.”