West Coast Festival Not Even Bothering to Print New Posters Next Year

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“Pretty much going to be the same bands as last year” says organiser.

The annual Eilean Mo Chridhe festival has been on the go since 2013 and has spent a significant amount of money on advertising every year. That was until Festival director, Calum Ailig Campbell noticed a pattern emerging. The line-up had not changed significantly since then.

Calum Ailig spoke to the Daily Gael.

“Look it’s time to face facts that it’s going to be Trail West, Mànran, Tidelines, Skipinnish, Skerryvore, Hò-rò and the local cèilidh bands in some order or other. It’s pointless printing new posters”

“There might probably be a slightly hipstery Glasgow band who’ll play for beer and the opportunity to get in some surfing and grab a nice shot of Glencoe for their instagram and they’ll have the word Bear in their name. But that’s about the only thing different.”

“We have my brother Seonaidh Ailig using a felt tip marker to cross out the 7 in 2017 and putting in a 8. People will come anyway, now that T in the Park isn’t on and they can get a dram.”

Despite worries over funding placing the future of the Festival in jeopardy for 2019, Calum Ailig is not worried, telling the Daily Gael.

“We were going to tell everyone it was going to be the last one in order to get the numbers up, but then we heard Big Donald John MacKay is back from offshore this summer as well for the first time in ages, so the bar takings alone will be enough to keep Eilean Mo Chridhe going into the 2020s.”