VAR to be introduced for Dunoon Mòd

In a bold move an Comunn Gàidhealach has decided to introduce Video Assisted Refereeing to the National Mòd in Dunoon.

“It is only right that after being trialled on a diddy competition like the World Cup that VAR technology should graduate to the Mòd”.

“Was that a C sharp or a C? Don’t know. Ask VAR!”.

“Were any of the Basses asleep or were they just hungover? Faighnich do VAR!”

“Did the Gold medal finalist really have the words to “Cumha Coire Ceathaich” hastily sgribbled on his palm in purple Sharpie? VAR!”

We put it to the head of an Comunn Gàidhleach that video recording has been in place at the Mòd for a decade:

“Penalty!” he screamed while waving his arms like a seagull.