Unions remind staff of Social Media conduct policy about ASN cuts

Teaching and other Trade Unions have reminded staff working for the Highland Council about the organisation’s policy on commenting on Social Media and interacting with Councillors and Officials in the light of controversial threatened cuts to Additional Support Need staff.

Gavin Maclean, Union Rep said; we’d like our members to avoid doubt. Obviously sacking all the nice ladies of a certain age who try and ensure that the radge kids finish the first two questions on a worksheet is an emotive issue, and the Council have telt us that they understand employees’ right to take a view and use Social Media but we felt it useful to remind them of what they can/can’t say or do on the ol’ FaceyB and other Social Media platforms with these 10 handy tips.

  1. Defamation applies to Social Media.
  2. Use a bit of bloody commonsense on the ol’ Facebook, don’t write something mad like “The Director of Education is a knobber and wears shitey waistcoats”.
  3. To be fair, anything more that “Grrrr Sheila it makes me mad” will probably get you into a lot of hot water.
  4. Best just avoid the Twitter in general, you might not say something you regret at first, but you will later.
  5. Don’t shit in a box and then mail it your local councillor although this is tempting because their address is publicly available on Highland.gov.uk. Instead maybe make a private Tumblr or Pinterest page with vague memes inferring their incompetence
  6. Don’t swipe right on your local councillor on Bumble or Tinder.
  7. On Facebook you can use a 😡 reaction for a status but not for a comment by a councillor, that’s pass-aggress AF.
  8. You can use a positive #hashtag on Instagram like #supportourkids but anything like #inthenameoffuckletsnotcutthekidslifelinesupport will see an official written warning.
  9. Snapchat, anything goes. All the Eilean a’ Cheò councillors enjoy a dickpic or two.
  10. Sharing a Daily Gael article will be punishable by transportation to the Carolinas.