Uist Ferry arrives safely in Unst, Shetland

A misspelled email has led to Calmac’s scheduled sailing from Skye to Uist arriving safe and sound 466 miles north of Lochmaddy in Unst, Shetland.

“By the time I was on my third Jalfrezi with chips I suspected something had gone awry” said Doneil – a crofter and amateur detective from Berneray.

The crossing to Lochmaddy normally takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes, significantly shorter than the 29 hour crossing across the open Atlantic to Unst.

“It was the right boat at the right time and we didn’t have to reverse on. I thought it best to keep my mouth shut” said Morag MacLellan, currently a resident of the small nook behind the pub quiz machine on the MV Hebrides.

Caledonian MacBrayne Ltd has come under fire due to repeat cancellations and last minute schedule changes as of late.

“We at Calmac all thought we had finally put the Mull / Hull switcheroo of 94 behind us. This will be the last time anybody in the control office sits on the keyboard. Our journey continues.”

“However we wish all of our passengers a happy holiday or homecoming in the beautiful Hebridean Isle of Unst”.