Uist Crofters begin chlorinating Tatties for Brexit.

Smiling crofters have been dunking tatties in concentrated chlorine across the islands in preparation for a “huge” new trade deal with the USA.

“This is great news for the islands, we have a lot of chlorine left over from when we tried to clean Barra and it’s great to finally be using it up” said Iain Chaimbeul – a crofter and chlorine hobbyist from Bornish.

“Can any of us honestly say that our insides have ever been cleaner?”

However not all residents are pleased with the latest trade developments –

“They filled Lionaclait swimming  pool with tatties, I think my sister is in there but there is no way of knowing”.  – Anna MacKenzie.

“ I am in serious need of medical attention” – Dòmhnall Iain Bàn.

“This is the worst thing to happen in the Uists since Angus Munro spiralized a turnip”. –  Angus Munro’s father.