Ugliest Maw in Carloway Hoodie causes controversy

Swedish retail giants H&M, already reeling from their Coolest Monkey in the Jungle scandal have disclosed  further offensive hoodies which may further trash their reputation.

The full gallery can be seen below, but the biggest lightning rod of controversy is a hoodie saying “The Ugliest Maw in Carloway.”

Calum MacAskill of Carloway said “Tha mi gam shockagadh. The biggest offence is that it is in Blue and Black which are the sacred colours of the Carloway Gaelic Choir. I for one will be spending my crofting grant in M&Co from now on.”

H&M said, “We apologise profusely for any offence taken. These designs were rejected before even going to manufacture, but we are glad we couldn’t find anybody from Carloway who was photogenic enough to model it or the scandal could have been much worse.”