“True romance never dies” – West coast man finally caves in and proposes marriage

Westcoast man Kevin MacKenzie has finally caved in after years of defiant living in sin with his long term partner Alison and proposed marriage.

Needless to say ‘Ali’ was delighted with bringing her catch in after a ten and a half year struggle akin to that seen in Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man And The Sea “We’ve been together since the days of Bebo for goodness sake. I moved in around 2011. When I put the furry cushions in the living room that was the start of it I thought, but that was 6 and a half years ago, and I was starting to lose hope, but now it’s on! LOOK AT MY BIG FUCKOFF DIAMOND RING!”

Kevin spoke about his epochal declaration of eternal love “Och, it was about time. Pretending you don’t want to get married becomes undignified by your mid-30s and I am really quite fond of her by now. It wasn’t like we’d run out of things to say like some couples that get married after years and years of the same old same old, she’s still a fox. I just felt that I should return the favour and made all those people who invited me to their nuptials come to a swanky hotel and pay £8.60 for a G&T. ”

“I’ve managed to kick the date down the road until 2021 though. No point in rushing these things. The lads have a great stag picked out. We’re going to Minsk.”

Alison took a break from liking the comments on her instagram post to tell the Gael “I’m gonna get so pregnant now.”