Tories launch festive Mundellf on the Shelf

In a bid to unify Britain with festive cheer Theresa May has launched a limited editoon David Mundellf on the shelf.

“Everyone is down in the dumps right now because of things unrelated to Brexit and austerity. What better to lift the spirits of the nation than a festive Scottish secretary in every home” smiled the PM coldly.

“David Mundell is the loveable scamp of my cabinet. He is famed his magical whimsy, his hilarious antics and his iron defence of our precious union.”

”Each one comes with a camera but don’t worry they only measure commitment to Brexit and right to remain in the United Kingdom.”

Asked how Mundell felt about his image being used the PM was quick to respond:

“I think he is fine but we don’t really consult the Scottish ones.”

“Who said Brexit wouldn’t be fun?” screamed the PM’s eyes.