Tide Lines to star in A Shot At Glory musical

With legendary Scottish Film ‘Local Hero’ recently turned into a musical, the next iconic Scottish film with a bitching Mark Knopfler soundtrack to get the musical treatment is the Ally McCoist starring “A Shot At Glory”.

Robert “Wee Rab” Robertson, lead singer of Tide Lines will take the role of Jackie McQuillan made famous by the Gers legend “Super Ally” in the 1999 film which also starred Sabhal Mòr Ostaig alumni Michael Keaton and Didier Agathe, as small club Kilnockie FC makes it to the Scottish Cup Final.

Knopfler’s soundtrack all ready has several songs and musical themes, but the Tide Lines boys will be getting the rhyming dictionary out once again to pad out the original soundtrack from its rather short 37 minutes to the length required for a hit West End show. Will hit single Far Side of the World make an appearance?

Fan of all Rangers clubs, now, then and forever, Robert, said “When the producers approached us we said yes in a heartbeat. It’s a dream come true to play my childhood heartthrob Coisty and wee Ross Wilson loves Mark Knopfler so he’ll be the musical director and we’ll surely find something for the other two guys in the band to do.”

A Shot At Glory will have an initial run off-Broadway before visiting Dornie Hall next March. With crushing inevitability, [Ubiquitous Gaelic character actor – name redacted after legal advice] has been cast in the Robert Duvall role because we needed an easy joke for this filler article.