This surprise Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Cameo will blow your mind

With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the 342nd entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe coming out, and the Multiverse a thing now where they can just throw any old cameo in, a surprise Gaelic throwback has appeared in the post credit sequence.

Press previews are already agog as an unexpected legend appears in the third of five post-credit (or mid-credit) scenes. Without giving any spoilers, Donnie Dòtaman appears in a hat made of Stark Tech and sings a song called “‘S e sàr-ghàisgeach a tha nam dhadaidh, ‘s e sàr-ghaisgeach a tha nam mhamaidh” before being bitten by Rocket Racoon from the Guardians of the Gaidhligxy.

For those Sassanachs living under a focan rock, Dòtaman was a Gaelic superhero in the late 80s and early 90s, who fought crime in Stornoway with a revolving door of glamourous assistants dressed in smocks and could communicate with parrots via the power of guitar playing and songs provided by mysterious magic hats given to him by the ghost of the Brahan Seer at the Callanish Stones which were super-powered thanks to Maggie Thatcher dumping nuclear waste under them.

Although a BBC Scotland character, he is in Marvel canon. There was a limited run of Dòtaman comics produced by Marvel nan Eilean Siar, a small Gaelic off shoot which was based on the X-Men’s Muir Island but also included the Incredible Hulk playing 5 a-side with Roy of the Rover’s Hot Shot Hamish. It was a weird time. He was eventually taken off the air thanks to Nintendo who sued that his special powers being granted by a hat were too similar to those of Super Mario.

Donnie Macleod the actor who played Dòtaman then became a DIY guru after being made to dub the whole of Home Improvement into Gaelic doign the voice of Tim The Toolman Taylor, and John Carmichael dubbing Wilson.

Donnie hasn’t commented on his twitter account, but he’s done well to keep the secrets close to his chest unlike former Sabhal Mòr TV Course graduate Tom Holland.

Props to Marvel for bringing the famous Dòtman pointing at each other meme to life though.