That Free Church mate of yours using Facebook on the Sabbath again

Catriona Esther MacIver, Free Church attender and Church Camp helper has raised eyebrows amongst co-workers in recent months by the amount of posting and commenting she does on Facebook on a Sunday.

Under Scottish publishing laws, we like to make clear that we are legally obligated to use the term “God-fearing Western Isles” at some point during this type of article. There it was.

“Catriona Esther is always active in my messenger, even when she’s supposed to be in church” said colleague Marina MacPhail, “She is always giving a like here, and a tag there. Don’t get me wrong. Tha i cho lovely worrying about our eternal souls and she’ll only have one glass of chardonnay on a night out, but I don’t think being on Facebook all Sunday is really keeping the Lord’s Day holy.”

When doorstepped by the Gael straight after a prayer meeting, Catriona Esther said “I only post up verses from Romans and comment on other Free Church people’s post on the Sabbath. It saves me having to speak to them after church. Well I did give a love reaction to a photo of the Catholic girl who works with me’s baby, tha i cho cute ach sin e.”

Another is Calum Angus Morrison, a Free Church trainee for the ministry and a roving full back in the Lewis and Harris league, the Daily Gael spoke to one of his team-mates Donald “Boogaloo” MacLeod.

Donald said “Calum Angus doesn’t lay it on thick, or try and convert any of us anymore, but he does give us disapproving looks after footy when a couple of boys crack open a tin. He’s pretty hardline I guess, I mean he even goes to the Gaelic service from time to time, but he’ll still tag a few of us in some Premiership Twitter Banter Gif around about 8pm of a Sunday evening.”

The Free Church of Scotland was asked for its views on this flagrant breaking of the Fourth Comandment and a spokesman responded;

“We would discourage our members from partaking in Facebook during the Sabbath, but there are of course works of necessity and mercy which should be carried out on the Lord’s Day, these include husbandry of livestock, watching the Rangers game on Sky, and going to the shops on the Sunday as long as you are in Edinburgh (but not Glasgow in case anyone sees you).”