“Tha y a’ tighinn” New letter introduced to Gaelic to make it Trans-friendly

It’s a well known fact these days that you have to woke af these days and make sure that you don’t exclude Trans people but unfortunately, Scotland’s Ancient Language, Gaelic has a pronoun problem, just like your TERF Uncle Stuart, the only available pronouns being the horribly cis-gendered e for he, and i for she.

And the old cop out they, don’t work as well in Gaelic because iad has much stronger connotations of the plural, and we can’t be having that.

Therefore, a committee of experts called T-GOC have decided the only way to deal with this issue is to invent a new pronoun ‘y‘ to include Trans-men and Trans-women from across the spectrum.

The new pronoun, pronounced like “aye” uses the pretendy vowel y which isn’t used in Gaelic at the moment, and will hopefully address all acceptance issues that trans-Gaels experience when learning and speaking the language. Here is an example of the new pronoun in action.

Càite a bheil Coby ag obair? Tha y ag obair ann an cafaidh bheaganach faisg air meadhan a’ bhaile. Where does Coby work? They work in a vegan cafe near the town centre.

Shirley MacKenzie of Evanton said “Gaelic really has been a hostile environment for Trans people for many years. All the talk of masculine and feminine is so exclusionary, and using e or i is just not acceptable. iad is a plural, and also includes an ‘i‘ so that means it discriminates too. Therefore I welcome the use of y.”

The Masculine and Feminine designation for words has been changed as well; they are now Pre-leniters and Leniters.

The whole new range of third person singular prepositional pronouns has been ratified as well which incorporates the new pronoun y and these will be added to grammar tables within months.

  • ory
  • agay
  • annay
  • riy
  • leay
  • fodhay
  • trodhay
  • umay
  • bhuay
  • dhoy
  • dhiyi