Teacher needs 10% payrise pretty sharpish after big post march sesh in Snaffle Bit

Trevor MacGillycuddy, a techie teacher from Helensburgh, is really hoping that the teacher’s march for a 10% payrise in Glasgow reached the ears of the Scottish Government after taking a massive scoop in the Teuchter Triangle

“It was all good fun, we came down, wore yellow hats, had a bit of banter with some taxi driver who said we got too many holidays but then in the same breath said he couldn’t do our job to save himself and then headed to the pub. Few tunes on the Snaffle jukey and some laughs watching the footie scores come in.”

“But fuck me, I spent a lot on drink. Should probably have gone for the kitty idea that Paul from the maths department suggested instead of doing rounds. Several pints and jaegers later I got lost heading into the city and ended up having some foul craft lager brewdog shite in to some wine bar in Finnieston which has some bad pun for a name with a number in the title as well, like Grizzly Bar Minus-8, can’t really remember. Ended up paying 46 quid for 3 drinks. Catriona from history only wanted a gin and tonic as well, I’m sure I paid an extra tenner for that slice of avocado.”

“So if you’re reading this Derek Mackay, and I know you’ve got a lot on your plate trying to sort out Labour’s historical mess over equal pay for women in Glasgow but if you could rush through that 10% through in the next couple of months, backdated if possible, I’d be very grateful because I’ve got my sister’s fiance’s stag and his mates are fuds so I’ll need a good few drams at that one as well.”