Take our Quiz: Which Sian are you?

The Gaelic Sugababes. The Calmac Supremes. The Atomic Piseags. Hold on, scratch that last one. Island electro-ceilidh chickadees Sian are the top of the pops Gaelic gurrrrrl band act of the moment. Take our quick quiz and find out are you an Eilidh, a Ceitlin or an Ellen?

Choose an Island
A. Lewis
B. Skye
C. Uist


Choose a hair colour

A. Red

B. Brown

C. Another shade of Brown


Choose a type of Gaelic song

A. Sad songs about the Iolaire

B. Wistful songs about Skye crofters

C. Quirky township verses from North Uist


Choose a nemesis

A. Fiona MacKenzie hogging the best BBC Alba continuity segments

B. Gaelic activist father posting embarrassing pics from your youth

C. John Foot criticising your choice of atire in a late-night facebook rant


Choose a Gold Medal

A. Seann Nos

B. Bonn a’ Chomuinn

C. Who needs a medal? I’ve got Daimh-money bitches!


Which Sian are you?

If you answered mostly A then you are:

Ceitlin  – BBC Alba’s go to flamehaired social media Niseach chanteuse

If you answered mostly B then you are:

Eilidh  – Scion of Sgitheanach singing royalty now appearing on Super Mario Bros 8 Soundtrack or something

If you answered mostly C then you are:

Ellen – the hardest working Gaelic singer/actress out there, Mairead nan Durachdan should just play nonstop Ellen one night – nepotism be damned


SIAN are awesome – like their Facebook page! Watch them give a man a spongebath in the following video as well.