Supply teacher continuing Burn’s Night with MacCaig’s Day









Norman MacCaig is thought of by many as a candidate for National Bàrd if there wasn’t Burns to put up with.

Peter Fiddes of Ballater, a supply teacher of English in Glasgow, has decided to follow up his Burns Night session, which saw him wolf down a haggis supper from the Blue Lagoon, with a tribute to the Edinburgh-born poet with links to Assynt and Harris.

”I like Norman’s stuff. It’s much shorter, easier to understand, really, there is just not much pissing around. We need to keep Burns Night for sure, but I’m determined to make the 26th MacCaig’s Day. I’ve already written to the First Minister asking her to suspend the smoking ban for one day a year.”

”I’ll be sitting in a pub having an imaginary debate with Hugh McDiarmaid all day in tribute.”

Your recipe for celebrating MacCaig’s Day.

Drink some whisky.

Smoke a pack of 20.

Try and remember one of the poems you did in High School.

Go home and listen to an Aly Bain record.