Stornoway Man U fan regretting that José Mourinho tattoo

Fhuair Josè a’ bhròg sa mhadainn. 

Norman MacMillan, 28, from Ceàrn Thamnabhaigh, has spoken out at the sacking of formerly “Special Cove” José Mourinho from fallen giants Manchester United this morning.

“I’m a true Red, and it’s a dark day. I spent almost every couple of days from the point Fergie said he’d be stepping down saying that José should come to Old Trafford. Despite him playing a style of football completely against the one the club has traditionally played, he was the obvious fit to anyone who watches Sky Sports News all the time, even after that last mental season at Chelsea.”

Even work has been hard for Norman this morning, ” I’m getting a real ribbing from all my fellow coves at the yard who support other English football teams completely arbitrarily because they have some measure of success. We talk often about how much we hate each others collection of multi-millionaires over the other, and it really helps get a cove through the day.”

Norman got himself a Special One Tattoo on his inner left thigh in 2016, but he won’t be getting rid of it. “Mourinho Taing for the memories José. However, I’m pretty confident that the next manager we get will sort things out considering the players we have. It’s not like any other team that Alex Ferguson brought to the pinnacle of European Football then subsequently went into a horrific decline that took them almost 30 years to emerge from.”

“I’ll be supporting Man U until I die, as long as they appoint Zidane, but if they don’t I’m young enough to switch. You’ll Never Walk Alone!”

Cho sona ri Pogba