Song ‘Lovely Stornoway’ Found to be Completely False Representation


A legal challenge has been made by hundreds of visitors to Stornoway after hearing the famous Calum Kennedy song, then going to Stornoway and finding that it isn’t lovely at all.

Ken Smith, of Dull Lane in Kent, said that he heard the song on the radio one day and decided to go there to experience the apparent ‘loveliness’. However, after arriving in Stornoway he was shocked at the extent of how shit it was.

“I mean, what can I say? It was shit!” remarked another eager tourist who promptly jumped into the Minch to escape the sight of the terrifically unpleasant seafront.

Local Councillor Donald John Donald John Donald John Macleod dismissed the allegations by singing one of the song’s verses backwards and then claiming that it was a “sign from God that Calum Kennedy was a prophet with an exceptional talent for entertainment and a great taste in tartan.”