Snowman thinks he’s immortal now

A snowman built in Aviemore 4 days ago now thinks he will survive generations and watch as human civilization crumbles to ruins.

“A new ice age has begun. I shall live forever as your overlord” smiled Kevin the Snowman.

“I will watch as you all freeze your genitals off, because I as a snowman have no such weakness”.

Kevin the Snowman intends to pursue a life of leisure, touring the Himalayas and documenting the collapse of human civilization.

Kevin’s creator, Billy 9 has been quick to distance himself from Kevin’s plans:

“I tried showing him the film Frozen, but all he took from that is that he should be pursuing a long term career in the creative arts”.

Kevin the Snowman however remains upbeat:

“Ahaha you are doomed as soon as I figure out how to move and find a carrot nose that looks less like a penis.”