Smart Alec Hugely Unpopular


Alec Warren of Bonar Bridge has unveiled years of abuse in a heartfelt letter to the Daily Gael that he typed himself just to show off.

“My whole life I have been told that nobody likes a smart Alec. The fact that I have an IQ of 128 often leads to senseless discrimination” condescended Alec.

Alec works for a successful data analysis company in Inverness but moonlights as a tosser in his free time.

“Nobody likes a smart Alec, especially not smart Alec from Bonar Bridge. He’s a prick” said Alec’s bitterly disappointed mother.

“He may know how to be  smart and stuff but it is fine because he is sad” remarked the wildly popular and universally beloved “thick Alec” of Milton of Leys.