Slumnadrochit Millionaire – ‘Black Hole of Loch Ness’ in Indian card scam

More than 50,000 residents of an Indian supercity may have been targeted in a credit and debit cards scam connected with the Loch Ness Monster.

People in Mumbai were contacted by their banks over the festive period about attempts to withdraw money using their card details in Drumnadrochit for purchases involving Nessie oriented tat.

The banks involved stopped the transactions before any theft could be committed, and are investigating.

Resident Leena Sachdeva told BBC Radio Hindi she and many others in India had been targeted.

She said: “It seems half the subcontinent has been done – over 500, 000,000 just from the comments I have seen on Facebook. I mean we all went over there expecting to see Nessie and all we got was a plastic plesiosaur in a pond, tonnes of teatowels and green cuddly toys, some speed-addled locals behind the till and speedbumps.”

“I strongly suspect there actually isn’t a monster at all.”

Police Scotland were made aware of the attempted fraud but were like “Yeah, they’ve been getting away with it for years, but we gave up on Drum a long time ago. The tourists that baffle us most are the Chinese, they make the tat, sell it to us then come over and buy it back.”