Shock Result as Sheep Wins Sheep Dog Trial


Onlookers were stunned at the National Sheepdog Trials as a young tup defied all odds to win first place.

“I have no idea what has just happened. There was barking, laughing, and crying all at once. All of a sudden there was a sheep with a big red ribbon standing triumphantly on top of a pile of collies,” said bemused onlooker Fred McStare.

The Sheep known only as ‘2104 Lochmaddy – designated for meat,’ has become both a Youtube sensation and leader to his people. Nevertheless, he remains remarkably humble:

“I felt the hand of God on my back that day. I just felt the uncontrollable urge to break free. It was at this point that I disabled the border collies with precision martial arts and negotiated my freedom by removing my owner’s spine.”

“I won’t let the fame go to my head though. It’s only BBC Alba.”

To many, he is a hero. However, not all attending sheep were pleased:

“He is a traitor to our proud ancient people and our long-standing tradition of running away from collies in a relatively co-ordinated manner. We plan on kicking him to death at first light or scaring him off a cliff.”