Sheep pooping out smaller sheep again

Sheep are once again pooping out smaller sheep in an unexplained phenomenon known as “lambing.”

Crofters have attempted to reassure the public and restore calm:

“I am pretty sure this happens every year but I haven’t slept in four weeks so I can’t be sure” blinked one crofter through tears.

“It’s probably a miracle and almost certainly has nothing to do with how pleased the ram was with himself all winter.”

The Highland Council spokesperson of the Department for Sheep (DFS) was equally baffled.

“We would put all of our top scientists on this but they are all too busy lambing.”

“My mother always told me that children come from storks and that sheep come from Uist.”

“She also told me that the cat would go to hell for licking itself and that the Milkman is Donald John’s real dad.”

“Fair play to the sheep.”