Sgiathanach insta activist not interested in protesting Portree’s Quidditch status

Despite the descent of JK Rowling, who has been pretending to be a man to sell potboiler detective murder mysteries, into alleged scattergun transphobia, the second most important settlement in Trotternish, has been making a big deal over the fact that she mentioned it in a book about that Quidditch bollocks she made up.

However, with the island metropolis seeing the strongest Black Lives Matter demonstrations outside of Kenosha, and a wave of instagram info posts about everything from fast fashion to transphobia and Portuguese tourists wrestling seals at Talisker beach for shits and giggles using steel chairs made entirely of microplastics, none of the woke as fuck young Sgiathanachs who bravely shared a black square have raised a peep.

Koochi-koala Mackenzie said “I could have kicked up shit about this, cause twitter has told me that JK is a solid TERF but then I thought, och no, I’ll just head down the Portree Hotel and instagram my coffee and be concerned with a head tilt selfie and about how old people, both locals and incomers, are trying to starve me and my generation off the island.”

Despite the shadow cast on her cash-cow by Rowling’s general batshitness and bonkersness, local dignitaries were delighted to make a big fucking deal of this random alliterative reference in a cash-in book ten years after Harry Potter stopped being relevant even for XXX parodies.

“Definitely the best sporting achievement in Skye since 1990” said the Broadford Beano.