Scotland’s Most Beautiful Country status revoked for not being a real country

The World Science Channel who recently announced Scotland as the Most Beautiful Country in the World as part of a publicity campaign have said that they are stripping it of its award. Why? It turns out Scotland isn’t a real country.

“Some nice sights and some lovely people in that part of the World, but we did some digging and it turned out Scotland wasn’t a real country but just a part of the United Kingdom, which turned out to be a posh name for England.” said Jeffrey Mahler, CEO of World Science Corp.

“We weren’t too sure at first but then it turns out that people actually voted, and quite recently at that, to stop Scotland being an actual real country, so that put the sack on the quarterback as we say in Mississip’.” continued Jeffrey.

“We felt kinda misled. I mean you have a soccer team and -land on the end of the name and everything but gee-whillikers; fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, it’s a real shame or something. So we gave the title to Slovenia instead.”… Supping upon a Gatorade, Jeff started to grow disinterested in the conversation with the chunky blonde from the satirical magazine, his mind going back to that night, years before when Gary, the Linebacker, spent the last hours before he went to Vietnam, in his arms under the bleachers. He often thought of those fleeting moments with a sense of yearning, his loins aching as he lay next to his shrew-wife Annie-Lee.

Mr Mahler closed “We’d be tempted to comeback in a few years and see if things have changed regards Scotland’s status as a peripheral region but we doubt you have the cajones to do anything about it.”