Revealed! – Dunoon’s top three locations to get effed up and sing Sìne Bhàn


The Mòd is a special time. A time to celebrate our language , our culture and the things that are truly important to us. Our families, our communities, drinking alcohol till we lose the power of speech and still getting it together enough to sing a passable version of Sìne Bhàn, and our friends.

We at the Daily Gael have engaged in extensive “research” to find you sunny Dunoon’s premium places to have a few drams, huff some fuel with friends and sing Sìne Bhàn till your hearts content – or until the police arrive.

1. The Queen’s Hall

Go big or go home is an Comunn Gàidhealach’s unofficial motto. This might be the only chance you get (until next year’s Mòd) to get steaming and belt out something resembling Sìne Bhàn live on BBC Scotland.

2. The Port of Gourock

Although Gourock is not strictly in Dunoon it’s important to engage in charitable outreach during the Mòd season. These poor people have probably never heard someone rattling through Sìne Bhàn while visibly shaking and tanning a black pudding supper. Make their day.

3. Dunoon Police Station

Slam cans and sing Sìne Bhàn in peace at the station. The police will be too busy dealing with the louts ruining competitions at the Queens Hall and the overspill of half cut Gaels into Gourock to notice.