Portree man shocked as viral review reveals Tongadale sells food

Gavin Mackinnon, 46, of Sluggans Place, has expressed his shock at a recent Tripadvisor review by a Brian C complaining that he was deliberately given food poisoning for being cheeky in Portree institution, The Tongadale Hotel.

Gavin said about the “Tongie”, “Here, I never knew they did food in there and I’ve been drinking there since before Skye won the Camanachd.” This revelation only came to light after Gavin’s cousin Malky Murchison shared the mysterious reviewer’s conspiratorial review and it went viral amongst Sgitheanachs waking up for their afternoon can and houmous sandwich.

“Who has time for cuisine when the craic is so good and you can drink spicey and coke whilst messing about with the compass thing on the stand-up table thingy?”

“You’ll be telling me they do rooms next” finished Gav before going for a fight and a pill in the Isles, & falling up the Caley steps.