People are already using the ginger emoji instead of the poo emoji and redheads are pissed.

It should have been a day of celebration for members of the lower wavelength hair community in the Highlands and Islands as Apple’s latest update brought the “Ginger Emoji” to a wide user base and usher in a truly tolerant era.

But in an era where the President of the Free World can tweet dank Game of Thrones memes from 4Chan, it’s little surprise that things haven’t gone to plan.

”I was going for a job at the sawmill but didn’t get it. Mum texted me to ask how it went, and I thought hey, why don’t I use this new emoji? I felt totally

👨🏼‍🦰.” Said Sandy Cameron from Roy Bridge in a tweet.

”Aye the weather was totally 👨🏼‍🦰 today.” Tweeted @ballachulishsexbot5

“Everyone knows 💩 is just a chocolate ice cream originally. I want my 👨🏼‍🦰 friends to know where they stand so that’s why I use 👨🏼‍🦰 to mean rubbish. It’s only banter shut up sjw snowflakes.” said @randomtwitterfudfromtomatin

But redhead revolutionaries are fighting back.

“These weirdoes / Jordan Peterson podcast subscribers are just jealous of our ability to wear green, convert the energy of the sun too efficiently, and generally have to rely on our wits 2 counter their 💩.” Said @IainRuadhMòr

The UHI have also weighed in, with Professor Emeritus of Strawberry Blonde and Redheadedness, Donald MacRae saying “We find that Highland people often have negative reactions to those things most closely related to their culture due to the legacy of Clearance and education – Gaelic, traditional music, and redheadedness or as we say in academia, gingerification – certainly falls under that umbrella. This emoji stunt would fall into that category.”

”All teuchters have a bit of red in them anyway, I mean my boys are all ginger as is our postman Archie.”