Parking charges at Ullapool long stay “a big success” on first HebCelt weekend

The parking charges introduced by London-based private car park firm, Park2Pairc in Ullapool Long Stay this weekend have been a great success according to the company. Drivers have needed to pay £2 a day since last Thursday, or face a fine of upwards of 5 grand for parking unticketed.

A spokesman for Park2Pairc said “We’ve made it easy for people to pay using mobile and even bartering with potatoes. There was some small ‘ebcelt festival going on over in Stornoway so there were lots of cars left unticketed so we’ve made a packet on fines. Most of them were KT Tunstall fans though, so they deserve everything they get tbh.”

“We know Highland folk are used to their free parking but times are changing, and it also means the car park is more secure and drugs gangs from Lochinver can’t roam the streets and beggars from KLB will be removed from the streets.”

“All the amazing benefits of the NC500 can be shared with private investment firms in London just like all the estates around the North.” they said in closing.

Gary MacKay, 49, of Inverness “I had left my car in the Long Stay so when I saw this post I shared and commented this article in a rage without reading the actual body text and not realising it was the Daily Gael and missed that it was a satirical article questioning the exploitation of the Highlands, the impact of the North Coast 500 but also people’s propensity to take things on face value straight away, but of course I’m absolutely raging Linda, how can they put these fees in place without telling anyone! Absolutely shocking!”