Pain of local woman’s milestone birthday eased by bedsheet at roundabout

Highland woman Maggie-Ann is celebrating an important birthday today.

To look at her this morning in her pink goonie whilst she toked on a Lambert and Butler half listening to Richard Madeley coming from the telly in the lounge, the Daily Gael couldn’t have placed which milestone birthday it was, anywhere between 21 and 60.

Thankfully we were kindly informed by a spray painted bedsheet at the one roundabout in town saying “Happy 40th Birtday (sic) MaggieAnn Keep Er Lit” on our way to randomly doorstep this woman on her special day as she kicked the kids out to school after two bowls of Golden Grahams.

Any existential dread she felt at reaching 40, has been alleviated by this rite of teuchter passage. The bedsheet will remain in place for two weeks as per local tradition.

“My girlies did it for me, Julie, Ange, Shona. I’m pretending I’m rageen’ but actually I’m well touched, I’m the baby of the group and it’s not real until you get a sheet round here, it’s like a telegram from the Queen. Only action I’ll get on the sheets these days. Himself is fahkeen useless, and forgot to book any place for the night. Lucky I’ve already got plans with my bestoes. Cocktails and selfies, they’ll keep us young.” said MaggieAnn