Trad musician who spent all year moaning about Spotify posts their #2020Wrapped list

Trad musician Derry MacLaren has taken a sabbatical from knocking the deletrious effects of streaming services

Emily in Paris renewed for season 2 but renamed Emily in Harris

Guilty pleasure binge watch “Emily in Paris” has been renewed for a second season. However the

Darren Maclean refusing to leave FUNC green room

After the historic result in America last night, incumbent King of Gaelic Comedy, Darren Maclean is

Lewis Man shouts at Podium

Dòmhall Iain Trump of Tong, Lewis is having a bad day. Mr. Trump – who does

Bernera to get petrol via eSgoil

With the Bernera Bridge badly in need of replacement, and attempts to deliver fuel to the

Sgiathanach insta activist not interested in protesting Portree’s Quidditch status

Despite the descent of JK Rowling, who has been pretending to be a man to sell

Angry music industry workers reach Derby, Boris prepares to flee

Musicians and music industry workers have taken a break from banging on and on on Facebook

Chudge Shizzum declares Breasclete part of The Cursed Earth

The Chudges, the lawmakers and officers of Mega Cearn a h-Aon have declared that all non-mutant

Katrìona Karlabhaigh a’ toirt A’ Kumail Suas ris na Karlabhaighians gu crìch

Tha an rionnag TBh-fireantachd, Katrìona Karlabhaigh air a ràdh gum bi an sreath seo de A’

“Yeehaaw, I’m back baby” declares Rest and Be Thankful

The stretch of the A83 that passes through the Rest and be Thankful has declared this