Once Upon A Time in Ferindonald – Tarantino’s next Manson flick

With his ninth film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood wowing audiences with the sixties nostalgia and dramatic black comedy surrounding the Tate-Polanski murders by Charles Manson’s Manson Family, Quentin Tarantino has announced his tenth and final film will be based upon another figure with the name Manson, this one Donna, and her input into the long running saga of Gaelic Medium Education in Sleat.

“The character of Donna Manson is one who completely intrigues me” said the Pulp Fiction director. “Here’s a woman, coming in to shake up the status quo, wanting to turn the whole Gaelic Education system across Scotland Helter-Skelter, make sure that these Gaelic Piggies who have got all the best equipment ‘across the way’ shouldn’t get it anymore. That’s fucking Shakespearean man.”

Revisionist history has been at the heart of much of the auteur’s oeuvre since Inglourious Basterds, so having the Chief Executive of Highland Council try to roll back the progress of Gaelic policy in the Gàidhealtachd sounds like a good fit.

“I’ve written this piece of epic fucking tension building drama already, it’s set in the council chamber, it’s like a scene from a Leone film, they think they’re going to get their separate Gaelic sgoil-àraich to ensure the best possible immersion education and then boom! Then Manson just drops the bomb, it’s inclusivity in the name of keeping Gaelic down – Peace is War, Love is Hate, Uma is gonna fucking kill it in the role.” as Tarantino announced that his muse Uma Thurman would take on the Manson role.

Other casting announcements are Samuel L. Jackson as Councillor Alister Mackinnon, Monica Bellucci as Gwen Culbertson, Ben Kingsley as Slippy Finlayson, and Damian Lewis as Màrtainn Misneachd with Tarantino himself cameoing as Richard who owned the Ardvasar in a flashback scene to the mid2000s.