Niall Iain regretting taking iPod filled only with bands from Stornoway

With intrepid Gaelic radio host Niall Iain Dòmhnallach almost a fortnight into his solo row across the Atlantic Ocean to raise awareness of mental health issues, he has released a new blog update.

Niall Iain’s blogs up until now have highlighted the great physical and psychological challenge of such an epic adventure, but his most recent blog posting has expressed an ironic regret for a man who has long championed local bands from Stornoway and the Western Isles.

“It wasn’t until I was out here in the grip of the Mighty Atlantic that I realised how profoundly rubbish all rock and indie bands who have originated from Lewis and Harris actually are. I’m truly thankful to these guys for their support over the years, but jings, I got to say, never really listened too closely to this stuff it seems until I had them on repeat for 12 days straight.”

“Dun Ringles, Astrid, Sunrise not Secular, Our Small Capital, I could go on but it’s tough to type on a dinghy 300 miles off the coast of Virginia. Bands from Stornoway are like if Status Quo and Belle And Sebastian had a child, and not metaphorically, like actually, then dressed it up in beige and sent it to Sunday school.”

“Thankfully I have the two good Oasis albums, the first Face The West album and The Cutter and The Clan on a cheap MP3 player I picked up at the South Lochs show a few years ago. That’ll keep me going until I’m pulling in past the Butt. I will say though that I have fond memories of Croftwork, and will always love a bit of Spanish and Eleanor.”

*You can donate to Niall Iain’s Row here in aid of SAMH and also read his actual blog here.