New-born Lambs Plotting Against us

Highland Scientists have once again revealed that all newborn lambs are plotting against us and should be destroyed in a humane and delicious fashion.

“I had hoped that this years crop of adorable new-born lambs would be different” laments Lewis Taylor of the North Highland Institute for Legitimate Science. “Unfortunately this crop have the same murderous glint in their eyes as did the year before and must be destroyed”.

“Yes, I would contest that the moment we dropped our guard, the new-born lambs could possibly unite against us, leaving mankind utterly helpless or something”.

“By turning them into a series of delicious meals we remove any chance of an admittedly unlikely and ineffective uprising. While I admit that they will probably just mill about until they become sheep, I for one refuse to take that risk.” 

Any hopes of peaceful co-existence between man and lamb have been dashed by the latters persistent refusal to negotiate and deliberate provocative insistence on tasting great with things we like to eat.

Scientists are recommending a surprise attack in roughly 2 and a half months time when the lambs are at maximum rebelliousness and deliciously tender.