Nature Finds a Way: Steamin’ Fishermen return to Mallaig

Nature has begun to reassert itself in towns and villages across Scotland.

Cows dominate the landscape in Plockton and you can’t move for a sheep or a goat in Dornie these days.

Terrified villagers in Kyleakin have reported swarms of hundreds of otters stampeding over the Skye Bridge.

A more precious sight still has been spotted in the quaint seaside town of Mallaig (Malaig). Buoyed by a lack of tourists, steaming drunk fisherman have returned from their long exile in the hills to reclaim their former home.

“It’s beautiful, truly beautiful” weeped one local naturist.

“There was once a time when you could’t walk through Mallaig for fear of getting a black eye, or being bitten by a rat-arsed seafarer. I feared those days were long gone”.

Steaming drunk fishermen are protected by the Wildlife Scotland act and it is an offense to disturb their nests.