Mystery Meat Pop-up Cafe in Oban nothing to be worried about

With high quality ‘fast food’ venues like the Seafood Shack in Ullapool giving traditional fish and chips places a run for their money across the Highlands, the region’s reputation as a culinary hotspot got another fillip this week when Oban saw its first “Mystery Meat” Pop Up Cafe open.

Run by a Mr Ron McCodrum, the booth on the esplanade has done a roaring trade in the bustling ferry port the last few days.

Like Irn-Bru protecting their now ruined secret recipe, Ron wouldn’t tell us his secret meat formula. “It’s as we get it the meat from our suppliers. What we can tell you is it’s top quality, locally raised and there are no food miles.”

Ron told us about some of his most popular products. “Well this here, this would be what some people call a club sandwich, but we call it a Clubbing Sandwich. Then we have your regular Blubba burger, your Big Blubba, and of course the Grand Blubba with Cheese. We also got in a new shipment of a different meat today, we serve it with some Stornoway Black Pudding so we’ve called that dish the Biast Dubh.”

The Gael canvassed tourists and locals alike trying the Mystery Meat Cafe’s fare. London based singer Henry Samuel said “I’m Crazy for Ron’s Big Blubba Burger, they are Killer. It’s a little bit chewy at first, but it really tastes like a Kiss from a Rose.”

Not all reactions to the Mystery Meat’s product were positive, when asked what she thought about the food, local woman Kim Moes “I’m not really inuit  but I otter be.”

In other entirely unrelated news in Oban this week, the Sea-Life Sanctuary announced its closure.