Mad Lachie weighing up pros and cons of big bag of Ket for Beò Festival

Local header, Lachie “Mad” MacMillan, is deep into planning his summer Festival benders for Summer 2019.

With Terminal V and OutDores safely tucked into his day-glo stick Bandolier already, Lachie is looking forward to a global-warming induced summer of fun, stretching through TRNSMT then Belladrum before reverting to Sunday seshs in the local Arms for the Winter Months.

Up next on the timetable for Mr MacMillan, whose most recent claim to fame was headbutting Steve the Barman back in February, is new Cèilidh Glastonbury, Beò, to be held in the Isle of Skye in mid-May. Lachie randomly walked into the Daily Gael’s bureau in Scourie and in between some quite patently made up tale about outrunning the police in his dad’s RIB, he started talking about whether he should buy some Ketamine to attend what is mostly going to be 48 hours of accordions.

“My Bird, man, Shereen is wanting to me to go to this festival called Beò over in Portree, man, and she’s mad for all that Skipinnish stuff y’know man, but I’m more a Calvin Harris type so I’m thinking I’ll need a wee bit of the old Horse Tranq to get me through. Get out of my box to listen to the box if you know what I mean fhios’ ad. Haven’t used my Gaelic properly since getting kicked out of Mr MacPhail’s class in S4, man he was a crazy bastard, really hated me, but I like the sound of it though. Takin’ Pills and Token Gaelic, hahahaha, bound to be craic a bhalaich! I never leave the campsite anyway mate. Dunno though, Shezza gets well wild when I get on the Ket. Maybe just keep it lowkey, and buy three bottles of vodka and three crates of Tennents. Anyway man yeah so my dad went out and bought me my own RIB because he said I handled it like a man, mate.”

Anyway, long story short, Archie the intern somehow ended up agreeing to go with Mad Lachie to a Techno festival in Baden-Württemberg in October.