Local woman is totally not against Gaelic but…

A local woman has gone on a Facebook rant regarding the opening of the new Portree Gaelic School which is entirely nothing to do with her views about Gaelic at all at all.

Tucking into a bottle of Chateau du Haine on a miserable wet Wednesday, Shirley Munson slammed the all mod cons development on Struan Road.

“I’m not against Gaelic but won’t someone please think about the children?! Where will the children from other parts of Skye stay if they are gettind rid of hostels”

”I’m not against Gaelic but this is a horrofic waste of money and so divisive and I’m saying this without a shred of fucking irony as I slate the native language of this island and cause divison. I have Gaelic friends and that makes being a dick totally fine.”

“I’m not against Gaelic but the Galeks are so rude and caused the 2008 finanshol crash with their roadsigns. This is about prudence in the World economy and rebalancin teh banks.”

As her syntax worsened and her grip on spelling deteriorated, someone replied “It looks like you’re not against English but…”

She fired back “I’m not against Galloc but if teh last feww munths have tot me anything its that old people being “rude” on fcaebook gets “thingss” done on skye like airports openin n hospitals bein saved. @IainBlackford”