Local pricks start countdown to next act of senseless vandalism of a community asset in Fort William

Having recently managed to yet again cause thousands of pounds of damage to a community asset, Fort William local fuckwits Kyllion Cameron and Kiaora Campbell have announced that they will be ensuring that their next acts of senseless vandalism will continue to target shit that has had several hundred man hours of volunteer work invested.

“An Aird, Claggan Park, the High School, the War Memorial – if it’s of any use to the community we fuck it up. I’d say we do it out of the fact that we’re too shite to take an interest in football or shinty or rugby and we’re not even allowed in Sunnys so instead we just love trashing any amenity that brings our fellow Fort Billy people a bit of joy.” said Kiaora sucking on a bottle of White Lightning.

“The question we’re often asked is are we stupid or are we bad? the answer is quite simply both. We’re unashamed stupid cunts. I’m not going to lie, I could point at our social backgrounds but frankly we both just randomly like smashing shit up for the banter with no regard for the damage this does to the people who look after these places.” said Kyllion, the rat poison in his lowgrade ching ironically not working.