Local Memories Facebook group already ruined by shitposting

On Friday, Murdo MacAulay created a Loch Dubh and Glen Gorm Local History and Memories facebook group, by Sunday evening he wished he hadn’t.

A distressed Mr MacAulay told the Gael, “I thought the group would foster happy memories about people who are sadly no longer with us, have a jovial laugh at the 80s hairstyles and allow people who live away to reconnect with their roots.”

“I’m not naive, I expected the usual banal and obvious comments that people of my generation make that have driven our grandkids onto Snapchat and other forms of social media; ‘Great picture xx’, wrong ly using the ;) emoji etc. But I had strict rules, no politics, no advertising, no foul language.”

“However, when Janice prefaced her posts with ‘I don’t know if this is the place to post this…’ I knew the jig was up.”

“All hell broke lose. Davie MacKay stuck up a picture from Oban for some reason, then Shareen Mackenzie posted up a nice picture of a sunset but with a dirty and slightly racist joke with all the references made into Hebridean ones, and an argument broke out between Jeremy from London who has just bought the local shop and Christina who comes from here but lives in London.”

“Seriously, I don’t have the time or effort to run this group now. So I’ve handed it all over to Mandy and Clive at the Silver Falls Cafe, fresh up the A82, who I’m 100% confident will take great interest in our local area’s history.”

“Murdo is full of crap,” said Janice, “He’s always posting up low-res jpegs in the group without even a tenuous connection to the theme of the group, like pictures of a Ford Cortina and ‘Who remembers Dusty Bin?’. Anyway, it was a post about a missing dog in Lower Glenbeg, well, that and a post about how cancer is a fungus.”