Local man posts on positive mental health, goes on ching and booze bender

To mark a recent Suicide Prevention Week, local man Garry Mackay spent his time making passionate appeals on facebook to help draw attention to a serious issue in the Highlands today.

“I’ll put up a couple of motivational memes, get a few likes, it’s just a way to start a conversation you know? I’m open about my depression and being on the edge a lot of the time. You know we’ve got to look after each other out there. Far too many young people, men in particular, are taking their own lives and it needs to stop.”

Popular local lad Garry then spent the weekend, starting with Friday drinks on a bender which lasted until late on Sunday evening mixing known depressant alcohol with a significant amount of cocaine that causes extreme feelings ranging from happiness, loss of contact with reality, agitation and a decreased ability to feel pleasure without it.

“I thought mixing ching and heavy drinking, what could go wrong? Massive highs and lows with an altered brain chemistry? With my mental health the way it is, and my tendency to mull over crappy situations from my the past, chronic loneliness despite having a really good support network and the fact I lost a few quid betting on the cricket for some reason, it’s really the only way to give me a lift at the end of a busy week. But I’m going to be honest, I’ve felt like a worthless cunt the last couple of days and it’s pretty damn dark down here.” said Garry.

“But you know what killing myself, what would that achieve? Just a load of fucking hassle for everyone left behind. My mum, my dad, my girlfriend, my brothers and sisters, all my mates? I’ll just leave the poor bastards thinking they could have done something, when in reality, if I wanted to really do it, they couldn’t stop me. Nah, it’s not for me, no matter how fucking low you might go, you have to remember that, it’s not brave, it’s not even selfish, it’s just fucking inconvenient for everybody. A big funeral, lots of tears, a massive gaping hole in everyone’s lives, and those people who loved you so much trying to make sense of something that they just can’t for years after. And you’re still dead. Fuck that.” Garry continued.

“Are you okay?” we asked.

Garry burst into tears. Big fuck off tears. We hugged him for a long time, probably longer than we can remember and we phoned his mum and dad and they came and got him. He has a long way to go but we got him in time.

Look if you got this far, the message is look after yourself and each other. Mental Health is a multi-layered complex thing, and there is no one size fits all solution but maybe stop taking stuff that’s going to make a shitty situation worse at the end of the day. Speak to a friend then go to your doctor, and demand treatment, it might be slow in coming but it’ll help. And don’t fucking kill yourself.